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Version 2.4.0

  • In the transaction list added filters by accounts and categories
  • Unlocked templates and limits
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Version 2.3.9

  • Added ability to create a template from the list of transactions
  • Budgets for the period can be filled on the basis of the planned transaction (via the menu)
  • In goals added how much you need to set aside each month
  • Unlocked creating repetitive transactions
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Version 2.3.8

Fixed bugs with password (PIN). Disable and again enable password in app if your password don’t work

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Version 2.3.7

  • Added recurring
  • Fixed bugs
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Version 2.3.6

Added “Templates” to quickly enter frequently recurring transactions.

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Version 2.3.5

In general widget that is not tied to the account added the translation button.

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Version 2.3.4

  • Change the appearance of the widget buttons added to the translation button.
  • When you minimize the application and return it for a minute it will not be prompted for a password. Sometimes it is necessary when switching between applications.
  • If you have accounts in multiple currencies, the main screen will be reflected on the balance of each of them.
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Version 2.3.3

  • Added new widget.
  • Fixed bugs.
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Version 2.3.2

Bugs fixed

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Version 2.3.1

  • Added option to disable vibration in the calculator and input pin through the application settings.
  • Fixed drop application using the calendar on the Samsung devices with Android version 5
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